10 procrastination excuses we give ourselves everyday

Procrastination should officially be declared a religion, because you will find more followers of this practice alone as compared to all the religions in the world combined. Procrastination is one of the most common human tendencies, apart from lying and avoiding. For example, I waited until the very last minute to write this article. I’m procrastinating about writing on procrastinating. That’s like procrastineption. Anyway, let’s delve right into the top 10 excuses we give ourselves to procrastinate.

10) Honestly, it’s not even that important!

Each time we sit down to work on something or study, we always tell ourselves that it’s not that important after all. I mean, there is a whole bunch of other, more important, things that we’d rather be doing – like watching TV, surfing the net or playing games on Playstation. Who wants to study the IS-LM Model in economics two days before an exam when there are almost 10 levels of Call of Duty remaining to be played?


9) I’m so tired!

Surprisingly, fatigue catches up with us each time we plan to finish some work. You only realize how tired and unwell you are a second before you sit down to getting that assignment done. You watched TV for 2 hours, so now your eyes are hurting. You were online on whatsapp for another 1 hour, so now your fingers are hurting. You ate too much pasta for lunch, so now you’re sleepy. And on top of all of that, you cleaned your room! Pssht, all of this is enough to knock anyone out. How can someone even think about working after this?


8) I’m so distracted!

You just went online to do some research for your pending project, and suddenly the forces of nature and technology are conspiring against you. There is a new amazing music video out that you just have to watch. There are millions of game requests on facebook and even more interesting tweets on twitter. You need to remain updated, after all.


7) I’m too smart to be working on something as mundane as homework, I need to do some research on something deep like aliens and supernatural forces.

Really, homework is for common people who love being a part of the herd. You are different and smarter than everybody else. While everyone is busy doing regular stuff like homework, you are more interested in the science involved in black holes, the gravitational force of Jupiter and whether Jesus Christ was black or not. So what if you don’t know your calculus formulae? You know stuff that really matters in the real world.


6) I would sit down and do work, but my favourite movie/game is on right now. It won’t air tomorrow.

It’s India vs Pakistan today, and there’s no fun in watching the repeat, especially when you would already know who won. Are you trying to stop me from being patriotic, bro?


5) I haven’t spoken to XYZ friend in so long. Work can wait, friendship is more important.

You suddenly remember a hundred friends who want to talk to you when an impending deadline is looming above your head. These friends have been dropping messages for you to speak to them for ages, but this is the moment that you had been delaying them for – hours before you need to submit a project. Friendship is for life!


4) I need to eat something before I start.

Hunger pangs strike just before something needs to be done. You poke around in your refrigerator a hundred times before getting frustrated about there never being anything good to eat. You then proceed to ordering pizza from Pizza Hut and spend hours staring at the menu, trying to decide what to order. Mustard sauce and extra oregano seasoning is essential, otherwise you would be rendered physiologically incapable of working on anything.


3) I’ll do it when I’m in a better mood. Life sucks right now.

You suddenly remember things that have upset you in the past couple of days – Your distant friend backstabbed you, your parents scolded you, your teachers hate you and your net pack got over. At that time, these things didn’t really bother you, but they do now. Everything comes back in full force and suddenly you’re depressed. How can someone work when they’re depressed?


2) I can’t focus because my there is too much disturbance around!

Your phone keeps beeping each time you so much as get a spam text from Moksha Spa. Your mom keeps peeping into your room to talk about something or the other. There is some or the other commotion going on in your house at that very moment. You absolutely cannot focus amidst all this disturbance. You’ll do it when there is peace in the world.


1) I promise I’ll do it after an hour.

The number 1 excuse for not getting to work immediately. You keep fooling yourself into believing that you will definitely get to work after an hour. After that one hour, you give yourself another hour, and then another one, and on and on it goes. Eventually, you get to work only when you realize that it’s a choice between death and work. All nighters combined with black coffee – a pro procrastinator’s better half!


All Images are from: Fun with Franchise

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